Month: September 2013

Theatre Arts Courses

Theatre Arts I: monologues will be available tomorrow in-class.

Theatre Arts II/III: updated cast list will be announced in class tomorrow!


Happy Monday!

Study Guides for this Week’s Tests

Day One Classes

Test Date: Wednesday, September 25

Theatre Arts I

Theatre Arts II/III

Day Two Classes

Test Date: Thursday, September 26


Public Speaking

Drama 7

Tomorrow’s Rehearsal, 3:45 to 5:30

Attention Fall Play Cast and Crew:


Due to the cancelation in today’s rehearsal, we will rehearse Act II, scenes 1-3 during tomorrow’s rehearsal.



Tomorrow will mark as the first official crew meeting. Click Here to view the official crew list.


One-Act Play Cast List

For the past two weeks, students in my Theatre Arts II/III class have been auditioning for our VHSL, One-Act Play.

Click Here to view the results.