Month: November 2012

Agenda for 11/29

Debate (D2B1):

  1. Journal/Class News
  2. Finish Affirmative Debate Terms
  3. Stock Issues Activity
  4. Finish Watching Lincoln-Douglas Debate Video

Homework: Read Chapter 11 in Debate Textbook

Theatre Arts I (D2B2):
  1. Journal/Class News
  2. Recap Lost in Yonkers
  3. Read Scene 2, Act I of Lost in Yonkers
  4. Letter to Eddie Assignment
  5. Improv Games
Homework: Finish Letter to Eddie Assignment Drama 8 (D2B4):
  1. Journal/Class News
  2. Observe Acting Scenes
  3. Warm-Up
  4. Observation Theatre Games
Homework: Study Observation Notes


Agenda for 11/07

Debate (D2B1):

  • Finish Mock Debates

Homework: Read Chapter 8 in Debate Textbook

Theatre Arts I (D2B2):

  • Journal
  • Performing the Monologue Keynote
  • Character Background Sheet
  • Introduction to Character Project

Homework: Start Character Project

Drama 8 (D2B4):

  • Tour of Goochland High School Auditorium
  • Theatre Etiquette

Homework: Study for Theatre Etiquette Quiz on Friday

Cast Party Info


Where: The Gregory’s House, 1840 Fairground Road.

When: 6 to 9 PM

Carpool is recommended!

Tonight is the Night!

Tonight is opening night for DRACULA! The show will start at 7PM in the GHS Auditorium.


$5 Students

$8 Adults

Hope to see you there!


-Mr. Burch